Fiji Surf offers road and boat shuttle services that will optimize your surfing experience of Fiji by providing the best possible surf opportunity under changing daily conditions. Fiji Surf has chartered trips to more breaks in Fiji than any other operation and has the most experience in providing reliable information. With the service that we provide, you no longer need to pay a fortune to charter a live-aboard boat tours. We will pick you up from your hotel and take you straight to the best break.

Daily SURFari trips are based in Nadi and will handle all transportaion needs from your hotel. We take you to areas down the coral coast (road) or to the outer reefs (boat). These waves vary from fun sandy beach breaks to powerful reef breaks. Depending on your level of surfing, whether it be novice or advanced, Fiji Surf can provide you with a memorable experience of surfing in Fiji.

Our experienced guides are aware of daily wave forecasts and take into consideration all the variables such as tide height, wind, and swell direction to take you to the best possible surf suitable for the current conditions and your skill level. The duration of the trip is between 2 - 4 hours depending on conditions. Are you interested in the surf trip of a lifetime???

View rates and other important information on our Pricing page.

Download the Storm Surfers Guide ( for information on surfing Fiji

Boat Jetty Location Map

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