Bula Everyone,
I just wanted to send a quick email to say "Thank You" so much for making my trip out to Cloud Break an epic day!! ( I had a great day of surfing!) Especially "Ian" for making this happen by arranging the Jet Ski to get me out there and also the young guy who drove the ski. (Sorry I have forgotten his name, but he was a champion!)I will be recommending Fiji Surf travel to all my mates so they can experience the same service I did when visiting Fiji.
Thanks again
Brad, Australia

Hi Ian
Just wanted to drop an email to say thanks for hooking my mate and I up August 5th for the trip to Cloudbreak. Although the wind came up halfway through the session it still was an epic day surfing. I think we got 4.5hrs water time at Cloudbreak, which equated to some epic rides. The two boat captains on each boat (we got one boat out and the other back as most of the crew went to Namotu lefts later in the session) were super nice guys and very professional ... as was your introduction at the boat before we left. I would recommend anyone going to Fiji and looking to get from the mainland to go surfing to hook up with you guys!
Kind Regards
Todd Hamilton, Australia

Bula Ian,
I wanted to provide some positive feedback from our recent trip to Fiji. My husband and I did the beginner surf lessons with Dua a few weeks ago. We really had a blast!
Dua was so fun and personable. He really put us at ease from the start and gave us a lot of confidence.
He was also kind and patient. At one point when our GoPro died and we were bummed, he suggested that we take pictures of one another with our DSLR camera from the shore. He was just so relaxed and willing to do whatever made us happy. You could tell that he wanted to make it a an unforgettable experience for us.
The beach was beautiful and the water was great, but having Dua as our guide really made the experience extra special. His stories were awesome, and he was just an all around good guy to chat with.
For what it's worth, I just wanted to give him the credit that he deserves and pass this along.
Carissa Alaimo

Just wanted to say thanks again to you, Ian, Nick and Avo (not sure how to spell his name) for taking me out to Swimming Pools and Restaurants and showing me an amazing time, not to mention swimming out at Cloud Break. I have never seen such high quality waves in such a small area, offering various types of waves in crystal clear, warm water. What really amazed me was the freindliness and comradery of the locals and the other guests in the water which I have never experienced anywhere else in the world, as Surfing can be such a territorial sport and culture. You are lucky to be living in such a beautiful part of the world with friendly and hospitable locals. You and Ian are are credit to Surf Fiji company and to the Fiji tourisms industry. I for one, would definatley go back to Fiji and would recommend Fiji Surf company and Photography to other people going to Fiji for a vacation. I really enjoyed going for ice cream (where we filled up with gas) near the boat ramp and going for Roti's at Ta Ta's in Nadi which topped off an awesome day. Anyway life in Vancouver, Canada has been cold and dark since arriving back, with summer still a long way off and Fiji seems like another world away now. Can't thank you enough for your hospitality and local surfing advice and knowledge. If you are crazy enough to visit Vancouver look me up, you have a free place to stay.
Sean Mcminn, Vancouver, Canada

I just thought I'd write to you and let you know that my recent trip to Fiji was highlighted by going on one of your surfing boat trips. The service that your company provides was nothing short of first class. The local knowledge of your team was perfect, they understood the skill level of the group and took us to an area that was equal our ability. There was no fuss or issue with organising the trip, it was simple and straight forward. 'We'll pick you up at this time from your hotel' and it was done. Also the board that was provided wasn't a banged up old heap of crap, it was a beautiful longboard that you'd be proud to own. So thank you for organising the trip, thanks to Andrew for doing the driving and keeping a close eye on everyone's safety and I think it was Mica the skipper of the boat, thanks all for a memorable day of surfing. Thank you very much or as it's said in Fiji 'Vinaka'. I look forward to returning next year.
Kind regards.
Leigh Pridham

It's Garret! I just wanted to say vinaka for the trip out to Wilkes and for getting me to Tavarua! I had the time of my life and it made my honeymoon that much more amazing. I am and will always been in your debt. Caroline got some ok pictures that I will send you once I have gotten them onto my computer. I am bummed to be back in San Clemente and back to the cold water that is nothing like the beautiful warm waters of Fiji. I will always remember every minute that I stared down at the amazing coral just below the surface and got to ride such amazing breaks with you. I WILL BE BACK!!! :) Remember if you are ever in San Clemente to give me a call, I would love to surf with you again. I hope to hear from you and hope we can stay in contact. I would love to be of any help to you and the surf community in Fiji that I possibly can. Take it easy!!!
Vinaka Vakalevu!
Garret Craig, San Clemente, CA

Bula!! I had never surfed before and its always been something ive wanted to do. I was lucky enough to spend a whole morning with Ian out on the water. He is a dead set legend. I highly recommend his surf lessons. He taught me how to surf and I was up first attempt!! The day was WANANABU and hopefully one day i'll be back to surf Fiji again. Ian my brother from another mother, I told you I would google you and I found you! Hopefully catch a wave with you another day, keep in touch if your ever come back to Oz.
Richard McKinnon, Adelaide, Australia

I just wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful day on Monday! Elaine and I really had a great time with you two gentlemen and were blown away by the beautiful beaches. Next time I will bring my suit and get out on a board with you two! Couldn't promise much surfing but we'd have a few laughs for sure. I did email Grant to tell him what a great time we had with you as well. I'll also be sharing your surfing services with our staff so they know who to call when we get a surf request. May not be hard core surfers, but at least day trippers looking for some fun. I am sitting down this weekend to do some writing about my trip to Fiji- will include you for sure!! Please say hi to Kalani- hope all is well in paradise!
Sota Tale!
Ruth Daly, Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to write and let you Know what a wonderful day Mitchell and I (Tony) had surfing Sunday 26th July. Although Mitch got hammered he assures me he had a great day and will be back. The stories to his mates have grown on what he surfed, so he had a great day. From the time you picked us up from the Sofietel to the time you dropped us back we had a ball. Being inexperienced surfers we would not have surfed in Fiji if you hadn't been able to take us. With you in the water and looking out for us. It gave us the confidence to take on the Fiji surf. Having Paul the current Fiji surf champ with us was an added bonus. Telling us about the culture of surfing and Fijian people, your guided tour to the surf location, combined with your passion, knowledge and experience for the Fijian surf and people was a highlight to a wonderful Fijian surfing day. Ian I have been giving your web address and recommending your surf company to everyone I know who surfs, whatever there level. I also mentioned to club captain of the dicky beach surf club in Caloundra Queensland the great work you are doing training life guards. They offered to help in any way they can. Just contact me if you wish and I will connect you up.
Tony & Mitch Eastwell

Outstanding two days of surfing--thank you very much! Your friendliness, professionalism, instruction, equipment, and transportation were all excellent. In addition, your love of Fiji is apparent and appreciated by locals and tourists alike. I have some photos to e-mail to you when we return home. Again, many thanks for magnificent surfing experiences and helping us see the beauty of Fiji from its ocean.
Best regards,
Gary Duke, USA

I want to thank you again for all that you did. I really enjoyed my time in Fiji; beautiful country, great surf, clear water and best of all some of the nicest people on the planet! Paul and the other guy (the driver of the van) sorry, can't remember his name, they were very cool, you have a good crew. Attached are some of the photos from the surf lessons you gave my kids (Kira the older one and Kelly) and my nephews (Kevin who eats too many Chinese noodles and Eric). When my kids returned home they were very anxious to talk to their friends and I overheard them talking about surfing in Fiji, obviously, they were stoked. In looking at the photos, I see you cheering on my kids and nephews as they stood up on the wave; it's really cool to see you as stoked as they were. I am sending 2 emails to split up the photos. If you have time, would love to see some of the photos you took at Wilks, hopefully some turned out. I have not forgotten about the write up you need to support your discussions with Fiji Government concerning the surfing issues. I will prepare and forward to you soon. Until then, enjoy the photos and talk to you soon.
Your friend,

This is Kevin and Barbara at the Liku Liku. I just wanted to thank you so much for getting me back in the water after 15 years !! When I was younger and an avid every day surfer in San Diego all my friends used to dream about surfing Fiji. Now that I finally made the trip out here, I was so gratefull for the kind service you provided. The whole experience was outstanding, and years later I can finally say, I Surfed Fiji ! A dream come true for a old surfer ! Barbara and I raved about you to the Liku Liku staff. The whole staff wanted to know how our experience was.(some even tracked us down and asked us) A true heart felt thanks to you Ian. I will now be heading out back into the waters in San Diego because of this, and will send others your way.
Vinaka !! OH,......and GO CHARGERS !!
Kevin and Barbara

Ian, I was in Fiji with my mates for my mates wedding and it was the best thing we did. We will always will remember that day, the surf was great and you did everything professionally and without fuss.
Brad, Australia

Ian and the team: I just wanted to express my thanks for all the surfing and education on Fiji you gave me and the fellow surfers. To those reading this message, the difference between Ian and his competitors is the knowledge he has on Fijian surf conditions and his willingness to find you waves. Evidence of this was after three days of the wrong wind direction for the popular Cloudbreak and Wilkes he organized a road trip to the south of the island. He picked us up (4 guys) in his red bull van with jet ski in tow for a real Fijian adventure. We drove through villages, bought Mango's from the side of the road, listened to Ian explain the Fijian culture and then jumped on the jet ski to surf some remote reefs that you would never get to surf without a local (and boat/jet ski). I will be back again and thank you and the crew for giving us a trip to remember. Fernando Lonergan Sydney Australia. Take care of yourself and your crew and will let you know when I am next over.
Fernando Ratuki, Australia

Ian, Bro that was the best surf of my life on the Saturday! I also went out on Tuesday from plantation was very big I think I would have settled into picking off a few ... the rest of the boat wanted to leave and I wasn't to upset we surfed namotu lefts was not bad ... Anyway back in NZ thanks Ian.
Arjen Bloem, New Zealand

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