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A shop that promotes surfing in Fiji by selling surf products, providing surf information, offering local and international merchandise, board repairs, surfboard rentals, and surf booking agents for accommodations and tours.

So here is the scene: Fiji surf shop is based in the tourist capital of Nadi and is conveniently located in the heart of Nadi Town. The Fiji Surf Shop will surely equip you with all your surfing needs for the ride of your life. You can discover and explore the diverse waves that Fiji has to offer on a guided surfing tour. If you are embarking on your first surfing experience you should only learn from the most renowned and experienced surfing icons in the country - Fiji Surf Co.

Ian Muller has owned and operated the Fiji Surf Shop since 1995. From his humble beginnings of operating "from his backyard," Ian's vision of owning a surf shop with surfing safaris has now expanded to his own surfing labels, which include Viti Surf Legend, Fiji Surf, and Lewa.

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Fiji Surf Gallery - Catalogue 2014

Fiji Surf Boards

The only surfboard factory in Fiji. Boards are designed, tested, and made in Fiji with the perfect, pristine Fijian wave in mind. Under a guest shapers program, reputable international shapers will customize board shapes specifically for Fijian waves with Fijian branded surfboards. Choose from board styles such as Tavarua, Namotu, and VSL. These boards will be sold locally and internationally on respective Islands and on the internet.

A Tavarua style surfboard, shaped and endorsed by Rusty, will be made for the steep, fast, and hollow waves of Cloudbreak. Namotu surfboards will be made for the slow fun waves of swimming pools. VSL surfboards will be general, all around shapes for the diverse waves that Fiji has to offer. Local shapers will learn board shaping skills from the best shapers in the world. Board models will have Fijian names to identify shapes; eg. Wai-Kama (burning water) shape will be boards designed for speed and power.

Out Newest Boards

Below are new boards ordered by customers and ready for the pumping Fijian juice! The board on the left is a 7'2" Wai Kama Gun and the right is a 5'10" Kailoma performance hybrid.

Left: 6'10" Marau Fun Board and Right: 7'0" Wai Kama Gun

8'3" Ka Levu

Kokomo Surfboards for their Private Island Resort made out of the Fijian Surfboard Co factory - Fijian Made

BiliBili - SUP Fiji

BiliBili - SUP Fiji (Inflatable)

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Fiji Surf Gallery - Catalogue 2014

Surf Board Branding

Surf Board Repairs

Don't let your epic trip be ruined by nasty falls, dinged boards, or rough airline employees. If you require repairs our gang can help you out. All repairs will be done by Fiji Surf Shop until Allan Byrne sets up the Shaping Shed in the Fijian Surf Village. Prices will vary with the severity of the damage. Please contact us regarding repairs.


Our surf shop carries all your surfing needs. Whether you forgot to pack your leggies and wax or you want something to bring home with you, stop on by and check us out.

  • Apparel
  • Leggies
  • Wax
  • Pads
  • Rashies
  • Booties
  • Sunscreen
  • Vids
  • Mags
  • Watches
  • Sunnies
  • Jewelry
  • Vests
  • Skaties
  • Surf boards
  • Body boards
  • Solarez
  • Bags

Products We Endorse (Available in the Shop)

Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid and Wellness Kit

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