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Surfers, Community Clean Up Yako Beach

Thundercloud Charters and Day Cruises

Thundercloud Charters and Day Cruises is an arm of Fiji Surf Co to capitalize on the greater tourist market that is looking for a service / product with a difference.

Firstly, Thundercloud is a 42ft Sailing Trimaran with lots of deck space compared to other boats, giving guests the freedom of chilling out under the shade cloth or canopy on a bean bag. Thundercloud has a toilet, galley, and sleeping cabins / berths to provide safety and comfort inside or outside of the cabins in bad weather conditions.

Secondly, Thundercloud is a mobile action sports operation that can offer a service very different to anything currently being done in Fiji. Subwing / snorkel, seascooters, jetboards, flyboarding, and getting flung around on a 1-3 man tube towed by a jet ski are some of the activities that we offer apart from Stand Up Paddle boarding, snorkeling, and kayaking. We even have an inflatable mini water park option that can be tied up behind for an added fun experience.

Thirdly, our main cruise areas are around lagoons / beaches / sand bars and the world class surf areas of Tavarua / Namotu for sightseeing, surfing, kiting, SUPing, snorkeling, and swimming; but as a mobile action sports boat we can take the fun and action to you at your island resort so you don't have to come to us. Thundercloud will anchor in the shallows just off your beach / lagoon and turn on the fun. This operation is ideal for groups / functions / promotions / events / weddings and team building. Currently we have two day cruises out on the market apart from full boat charters: they are "Get Chilled" (day cruise with BBQ lunch, soft drinks, free wifi onboard, BYO alcohol, and non-motorized activities such as SUP, kayaks, inflatable tubes, and snorkeling) and "Get Amped" (the other day cruise with BBQ Lunch, soft drinks, free wifi onboard, BYO Alcohol with non and motorized equipment such as jetboarding, seascooters, jet ski rides, subwing, jets ski tube rides, and flyboarding.

Thundercloud can accommodate up to 35pax max and depending on the situation jet ski's and another 2nd boat will accompany with man-power, supplies, and equipment. This year Thundercloud will introduce another service with a difference - Splash N' Bash, which will be a monthly sunset cruise / party. Keep looking out for this on our Fiji Surf facebook page for dates.

So if you're looking for an experience with a difference then Thundercloud is for you - we can try to customize our cruises / charters to suit your needs.

Experience the Bula Stoke with Fijisurfco!

Vodo-Ua Boardriders Club 2017

One of the oldest Surf Clubs in Fiji - Vodo Ua Boardriders Club did not waste any time kick starting 2017 into gear with a 3 day Surf Camp based at Fiji Surf Co's HQ warehouse on Sonaisali Beach / Nadi. Led by President Romeo Mckellar, a tight group of 15 kids joined the camp as an introduction to surfing and to gain water / surf confidence and skill sets. Kids came from as far as Suva / Pacific Harbor to participate. FSA head coach Porto also added valuable assistance / knowledge to the surf camp program at venues which include beach break surfing and out on boats to surf around the famous waves of Tavarua and Namotu.

The Vodo Ua Surf Camp program incorporates beach clean ups, stretching / warm ups, basic paddling / surfing skills, water safety, free surfing and learning the essentials of other board sports like skateboarding on skate ramps that can help improve kids overall surfing abilities. The Surf Camp is also being used as a platform for the other team members to form a good bond and share each others knowledge and friendship for an everlasting relationship that will push themselves and the sport of surfing to new heights in a Fijian way.

Fiji Surf Co, the first local surf company in Fiji, is sponsoring this new youth development. The founders of Fiji Surf Co, started from very humble beginnings back in 1995, never having what the kids of today have and wanted to give back to a sport that has brought it this far on the long hard road to helping set up the foundation of the Fijian Surf Industry. These kids are our future stars and if nurtured and guided right will develop Fijian Surfing and Surf Tourism to the next level. Vodo Ua encourages any kids from around Fiji to join the club if they are interested in Boardriding sports from surfing - skateboarding just contact the Fiji Surf Shop 6705960 ... Ride with us!

Thundercloud Trimaran / Water Park

Fiji Surf Co is embarking on another fresh initiative to amp the FUN FACTOR up a little bit more for tourists and locals alike.

Fiji Surf Co has set up a Beach / Water Park down at Sonaisali beach for locals and tourists to come down and enjoy the day playing on the Inflatable Park, Stand up Paddle Boarding, tube rides, flyboarding, jet boarding as well jet ski tours and other action sports on the beach in the near future. The Fiji Surf Co Beach Park is where we base all our surf trips and other charters from. The Fiji Surf Co Beach/Water Park is central being 5minutes off the Queens highway and 15 minutes outside of Nadi.

To compliment our existing services / products: Thundercloud our awesome 42ft Trimaran is used as a mobile floating platform with the inflatable water park tied up to the stern of the boat for guest to easily swim up to and enjoy. Additional cool activities that will be done around the boat will include thrilling tube rides, snorkeling with seascooters, subwinging behind jet ski, jet boards and flyboarding. We can take this Mobile Fun Water Park to most Resorts / hotels within the Mamanucas, Denarau and coastal areas that has a lagoon. This service is ideal for groups, team building, promotions or events.

Fiji Surf Co also offers rentals of the water park or sale of any of the modules from jungle Jims and trampolines to slides and sundecks to any resort that would like to set up their own water park on the beach front / lagoon. If you have only swimming pools we have safe sundecks with a pillow that can float in your pool for guest to sunbath or play on. If your pool is at least 8ft depth then you can also have a few modules floating within the deep end tied to side of the pool. One of the best advantages of these Inflatable Parks apart from being tough and safe is that they are soft with nothing hard to hurt patrons. Another good feature is that the Park can be deflated and stored away in bad weather to save them from being destroyed.

Amp the Fun Factor in your resort and stoke your guest out with these safe and fun inflatable products ... come see the Beach/Water Park or get in touch with fijisurfco / 9928411 today

New Years Eve Splash N' Bash

Congratulations Hannah Bennett & Victor Maginnity: PBS Lighthouse Challenge 2016 Winners

Legend of the Fijian Mermaid

T-shirts and Sulus available at the Fiji Surf Shop.

Christmas Sale

Carissa Moore: 2015 Women's World Champion - KOR Ambassador

Fly into the New Frontier with Fiji Surf Co

Fiji Surf Co, from humble beginnings, is the only local surf company that has been going for 20 years now. We have opened up and discovered more of Fiji in terms of surfing than most others. With that intellectual property in mind, we now offer you a limited number of guests per trip to explore the "New Frontier" through our Air / Seaplane segment. The New Frontier is one of a kind in the modern day era of surfers scouring the globe in search of remote, uncrowded, perfect waves away from their concrete jungle surfing lifestyle.

Fiji with over 330 Islands and being the 3rd largest barrier reef system in the world, the unexplored opportunities to Surf, SUP, and Kite are endless. Fiji is also the HUB of the Pacific making it directly accessible from Australia, New Zealand, or USA. No diseases, just friendly hospitable people on breathtaking islands waiting to welcome you into their villages for a life changing experience. Our pristine ocean, perfect waves, and consistent trade winds offer an unforgettable world for the ultimate waterman.

Depending on conditions, watermen alike will fly by Seaplane into or close to the islands or waves of their dreams. They will literally jump out of the plane into the clear water holding their surfboards ready to surf - STOKED! The villagers welcome you by boat before the seaplane takes off only to return when it is time to go back. You are now locked in for the time of your life with your new Fijian family - away from all the troubles of the world; surfing, fishing, making new friends, eating fresh healthy food, and living the simple life. THIS IS THE NEW FRONTIER !!!

Air / Land / Sea

BiliBili - SUP Fiji

Fiji's first branded Stand Up Paddle boards - BiliBili SUPs ... affordable and Fijian designed. Our very own BiliBili's that Fijians use to paddle down rivers are one of the first Stand Up Paddle boards ever made - now the new and improved BiliBili SUP has evolved into a modern water craft to cruise, save lives, or surf waves!

BiliBili SUPs are here for your enjoyment in and around our rivers and oceans.

"Ready to Serve"

Please welcome Fijian Water Patrol's newest addition to the family!

Trip Advisor - 2015 Certificate of Excellence

The Fiji Times - Riding The Waves

Girls Go Surfing Day 2015

Fiji Surf Lifeguard Course

Press Release: Fiji Surf Co Sponsors Fiji's Top Male and Female Surfers: Aca Ravulo and Hannah Bennett

Winner 2014 Fiji P.I.M.P. Awards


Fiji Surf Co along with its sponsors Go Pro, Tavarua Is, VSL, Tourism Fiji, Fijian Surfboard Co, and Vodafone - would like to congratulate Fijian Big Wave Charger Isei Tokovou for being the inaugural, undisputed, Fijian PIMP of 2014.

The quiet achiever from Viwa Island in the Yasawa group, made his surfing do the talking by catching this BOMB out at Kurukuru Mai Lagi AKA Cloudbreak in October of 2014. Isei is not only a hell bent charger, but also one of Tavarua's elite boat / watermen, our current Fiji Surfing Association President, and an all around great ambassador for the sport of surfing in Fiji.

Isei won an awesome camera from Fiji Surf (the distributors of Go Pro), the latest brand new Hero 4 Black, new phone from Vodafone, new custom Fijian Made board from the Fijian Surfboard Co, and other merchandise from the Fiji Surf Shop - total value approximately $5,000.

Fiji PIMP is a big wave initiative started by Fiji Surf Co to identify, acknowledge, and give credit to the surfers and the raw natural wave elements that our God given resources are capable of producing. Fiji is regarded as one of the worlds best surfing destinations - not only for quality waves, but also for BIG WAVES that are perfect, hollow, and long! We hope that such exposure will not only enhance Fiji promotions on a global perspective, but also inspire more Fijians to surf what our ancestors called Vaka Vodo Ua ... may their spirit be carried on into modern day surfing.

Anyone interested in the Fiji PIMP 2015 Awards please send your PIMPest wave to Only videos or photos of waves surfed in Fiji will be accepted.

Fijian PIMP Isei - we salute you. Go get another BOMB for 2015!

SAD - Surfers Against Destruction

Fiji Surf Co is a Proud Sponsor of Thundercloud

Watch the trailer here and click full screen for the best experience:

P.I.M.P. Fiji 2014

Bula fellow surfers and friends ... We have a new event coming up next year - PIMP Fiji 2014. Any questions please send them through to us ... Vinaka FijiSurfCo

PIMP stands for Pull Into Massive Pits ... Therefore to be an entrant a surfer needs to get a photograph or video taken from inside the Pit or Barrel of a wave. Photos taken from outside will be considered, but inside the wave Pit gets more recognition.

This is how the PIMP Fiji Awards will be run for 2014 - Go Pro Cameras, the worlds most versatile cameras, have Wi-Fi capabilities, and Cloudbreak has 3G internet services out on the reef. The Surfer straps a Go Pro Camera onto himself (whatever way the surfer thinks it will capture the best shot), has a remote to turn the Go Pro on, then paddles into a monstrous wave, bottom turns, and pulls into a Massive Pit until he comes out ... or not, as long as the surfer gets the photo from within the Wave Pit. We grab the camera off the surfer, then go to the boat and upload the video of the wave he just caught almost instantaneously onto YouTube (send us your link under PIMP Fiji 2014,, or The world then votes on the ride - the most likes wins. No judging panel - the internet global audience decides. A small panel of judges will only be used if there is a tie or discrepancy in the votes to make the Awards fair. When December of 2014 comes around the most likes on YouTube wins. One of the best waves in the world right here in Fiji - Cloudbreak will be the main venue for the PIMP Awards.

For instance: a guy sitting in a 40 story building in New York City can watch, almost live, a surfer punch into some of the biggest barrels in the world and that guy sees it as if he was riding the wave himself! He has his vote and feels he contributed to the PIMP Awards with an uplifting experience of being inside a crystal clear, big, blue Fijian wave.

Vodafone is our sponsor for air-time and they have by far the best coverage out in the surf areas on Cloudbreak reef and surrounding Tavarua / Namotu Islands. Fiji Surf Co has been using Vodafone to provide free internet to our customers for close to a year now – this has given our clients who surf with us the "WOW" factor as this has never been heard of in any of their surf travels around the world whereby an operator offers free internet on the daily boats with Go Pro cameras as well. This gives Vodafone, Go Pro, and Fiji Surf Co a unique service that we provide to our customers that is unmatched around the world with one of the best waves for guest to take photos / videos of their rides and the ability to upload it almost instantaneously.

The Duration of the event will be the entire year of 2014 with the winner notified in December. Who ever turns up to Cloudbreak reef wanting to charge the big waves are welcome to request a Go Pro camera from Fiji Surf Co if they do not have one. We will have the infrastructure all set up for the surfer: Go Pro cameras, Fijian Water Patrol with jet skis for safety, laptop / internet access to upload to their sponsors or whomever ... all he as to do is CHARGE! One wave can change a person's life forever.

Prizes for the first year will entail: Accommodation at Tavarua Island, Surf trips with Fiji Surf Co, Go Pro Cameras, as well as a customized "Fijian Made" surfboard designed and built by the Fijian Surfboard Company. We hope in the following years to come we can have prize money to attract more interest. We would like to say a big Vinaka to all sponsors and supporters of the PIMP Awards and we hope this will grow to be an event people will look forward to during the year.

Here is a link on youtube that will give you an idea of what the PIMP will be all about:

Fiji Surf Videos


Volcom Fiji Pro 2013

Surf Decree

"This Page is dedicated to the Fiji Government for what they have done for Local Surf Companies and surfers all over the world!"

On July 9, 2010, the Fijian Cabinet approved the Regulations of Surfing Areas Decree 2010, an unanticipated motion filed by Fiji's Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. The decree aims "to liberalize access to any surfing area in Fiji and thereby enhance Fiji's image as a premier surf travel destination."

Surfing areas around the country are now open to anyone who wants to use them under the new Regulation of Surfing Areas Decree. Tourism Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says this will allow access to any surfing area in Fiji without payment or compensation, and enhance Fiji's image as a premier surf travel destination. In the past some top surfing areas were restricted by hotels or resorts that had leases over the area and imposed payment and conditions for their use.

According to Setaita Natai, Fiji's Director of Information, the decision was part of several revisions to the Land Reform policy currently underway in Fiji, and "provides for the absolute vesting of all interest in any surfing area in Fiji in the Director of Lands, for and on behalf of the State."

Fiji Islands Hotel and Tourism President Dixon Seeto has applauded governments decision to allow free access to all surf spots in the country. "This decree is good because it opens the seas and the oceans surrounding Fiji and especially around the resorting areas and I don't think that anyone should be deprived of using this and it would expand and develop marine sporting activities for tourism in Fiji." With the advent of the Surf Decree opening up the all the waves in the Fiji Islands to everybody, Fiji Surf is in a fantastic position to help our guests score the stoke of a lifetime in Fiji.

The Surf Decree has been met with praise and excitement. Click here to view a letter from Paddle For Peace, Australia Director - Ken Lucas.

Click here to read the GC Surf story of Fiji Surf Co founder, Ian Muller and his efforts to promote the Surf Decree.


"I believe that this is a long awaited step in the right direction. Opening up the surf and giving it back to the local people is the only right thing to do. Not only will the Fijian people be able to enjoy the surf, but the local economy will directly benefit from surf industry jobs and free market competition. Everyone should be free to enjoy the world-class surf surrounded by natural beauty and paradisiacal backdrop, especially the local Fijian people." - Kawika Tarayao, Huntington Beach, CA, USA

Letter from Founder of Viti Surf Legend

Bula from Fiji Surf,

My name is Ian Ravouvou Muller and I’m the founder of what was born as Viti Surf Legend (VSL) in 1995 to the current more prominent name of Fiji Surf or Fijian Surf Company today. By profession I’m a Licensed Aircraft Engineer and worked as an apprentice for close to 5 years after finishing school at 16. Then worked till I was about 25 as an Engineer. Life as a local engineer was great with lots of opportunity but due to a few unforeseen circumstances I decided to resign and see what other challenges in life there were . I decided to spend sometime on our family island in the Yasawas where the movie blue lagoon was filmed. There I discovered a wave breaking on the lagoon point so I figured it would be a great time to teach myself to surf. I could not order any surfboards or equipment in Fiji so I ordered a board from Hawaii and started on my journey of teaching myself. I had a great time learning and had got bitten by the surf bug badly. I decided since I could not buy any boards or equipment I would start a surf shop and begin to develop, promote surfing in Fiji – it made sense to surf in the islands – warm water, perfect waves and friendly people without crazy crowds. I had lived in the states and in Hawaii and saw what surfing was doing for them and wanted to introduce a little bit of that here and watch it thrive.

I then put a business plan together and came back to Nadi where I approached the banks with setting up a surf shop – first one in Fiji. The bank managers looked bewildered and asked me what surfing was?? I knew right then they would not endorse my loan. Therefore I decided to go back into Aviation and work part-time and start the Viti Surf Shop from the back yard of my home. Everyone through to my family, friends, workmates thought I was doing the wrong thing and encouraged me to go back to full time aviation. I knew it was going to be no easy feat with a lot of hardships, sacrifices, risks but I asked them to believe in me and that I could foresee that Fiji had the potential to produce some of the best surfing experiences in the world. It just needed time and efforts to explore Fiji and show people what our country was capable of producing. I retired at 25, taught myself to surf and now set off into an unknown world with no money, little support to live my dream. I knew that I could work hard and through that I would survive and if worse came to worse I could always fall back on my Engineering.

One person that helped me out a great deal that I will never forget was Mr. Kato from SurfLegend Japan. He was one of the only guy’s who believed in me and Fiji. He could not even speak English so we had to have translation but he trusted me and gave me abit to get off the ground. That is how Viti Surf got Legend added to it … Mr. Kato asked and in a sense it was the right thing to do – because ‘Viti’ is our indigeneous word for Fiji, ‘Surf’ is what we do and ‘Legend’ is because we were the first local surf company that is alive and will be remembered for what we started. Viti Surf Legend has become more of an authentic surf brand representing a great deal of local pride from humble beginnings.

Fiji now was beginning to shine around the world as a premier surf destination as I always envisioned. Fiji Surf was formed in the areas of surf shop, surf tours, surf school and surf travel. We started liveaboard boat tours and traveled more around Fiji than anyone else searching and finding waves. We opened up areas – Lau group that had never been opened as they shut out boats from coming in hence earning the reputation “ Forbidden Islands” only on special occasions could a boat go in with special permission. The waves we discovered – foreigners would want to come and claim their exclusivity of them because Tavarua / Namotu set such a bad precedent.

We realized the importance of development of our grass roots people to grasp this island sport and be proud that surfing was a part of our ancestory like the Hawaiians. We did some research and found out that surfing was a regular water sport for our people back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s whereby more women and children surfed and not only for Royalty as in Hawaii – everybody here surfed. The name given to surfing back in the day was “vakavodo ua” ‘Vaka’ means to do something, ‘vodo’ meaning to jump on and ‘ua’ meaning wave. The reason Vakavodo Ua died out was because we got colonized and the missionaries frowned upon our people surfing naked or partly naked. That is why VSL / Fiji Surf today is about reviving the sport of Vakavodo Ua and carrying on the spirit of our ancestors! We teach surfing to locals for free and host kids competitions - when we first started we had 30-40 kids and now have over 130 kids with surfing amongst our people getting better and stronger everyday.

Before I had started the surf company in 95’, certain outsiders came into Fiji and made dubious, corrupt surf licenses to secure exclusivity of not only some of the closest and best waves to us in Nadi but also some of the best waves in the world. Greed had turned our people against each other so that they could give up their resources to an outsider to exploit for themselves. Sure they gave something back to the village but if they did not they would of been revoked and sent back to where they came from. Through corrupt previous governments, chiefs and politicians a special license was drawn up to secure all fishing and reef rights to the foreigner for up to 10-20 years at a time. In most of the Pacific, villages have fishing rights and so it was these rights that they turned into reef and surfing rights as well. The Governement owns the reef where the waves break – not the village. The Foreigners brain washed our people to think this was all part of the package and gave them lump sums of cash to secure the signatures. Our people can not be blamed for any of this as it was the Foreigners who instigated this and knew our people did not know any better so they took advantage of them.

We endorsed on a campaign “Let the People Surf – Liberating Fijian Waves”. Over 10 years we had been trying to get the Government to listen to the people to cut this corruption cancer out. Hundreds of times we drove to Suva to show them paperwork and plead with them but they consistently shut us out.

Hence the Bainimarama Govt overpowers the corrupt previous Governement and took over on good governance values – our prayers had been answered. I decided to give it another shot but get more information - A few other local surf operators like myself closed down because of Tavarua and Namotu for which I gathered all their letters along with Police reports, surfing guests reports, bad publicity reports in the newspapers and surf magazines, current copies of the “Special License” for the reefs which by the way had been renewed for another 20 yrs, reports from previous Governement Lands and other offices stating what was being done was wrong, Fiji Surfing Associations letters and documents on the issue. We had spoken to Bainimarama at Tourism Forums and he assured us he was aware and a directive had been given but for a year nothing had been done despite our relentless follow ups. I became friends with Commander Kean of the Fiji Navy. I asked him about the laws of the ocean and told him about what was going on around our reefs with foreigners securing special surf licenses and shutting everyone out including locals – he was shocked and was going to send the Navy boat over – I asked him to first help me take the paperwork to the Prime Minister … he offered to help. I followed up with the Prime Ministers Office and they said it had gone to the Attorney General’s Office. It would take a couple of weeks - month for a decision. During this time I was in NZ for the birth of my son … while I was there the news hit that a Surf Decree had been passed in Parliament and our waves would be open! My son came out 2 months early to celebrate the surf decree with dad and all the surfers in Fiji and around the world – it was a double blessing and a time I will never forget!

Now that we have achieved the opening up of our waves it will be a challenge for us to manage and control the boats, crowds and surfers in the area. I don’t think it will go too crazy because you can not drive in a car to it like the Gold Coast or Pipeline but there needs to be some form of etiquette for boats and surfers to follow so that a form of order is in place and the reefs and waves are enjoyed by all and most importantly sustained for future generations. A Fijian Surf Operators Association may need to be set up to help assist these areas by placing moorings, training lifeguards, ensuring a standard/etiquette in and out of the water is set and kept because tourists mostly use these areas. Possibly even setting up a marine / surf reserve for sustainable development and growth. We are very fortunate that the Fiji surf industry and local surfing fraternity is young so we can learn from many mistakes the outside world has made and ensure it does not happen here and direct a better result and return for everyone.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to surfers from around the world to come and surf Fiji and surf the waves of their dreams … it is now open to you. Leave your localism back home and come share the “Bula Surfing Spirit” with the locals in the water – surfing and living how our ancestors used to … sharing waves and enjoying each other’s company – the true Fijian hospitality way!

Other News

‘‘Catching a Wave Fiji's perfect ride By Rob Dunton’’

For more than a decade I have heard tales of legendary surf in the Fiji Islands. Whenever I’d grab a glossy surf magazine, I’d find full-page pictures of surfers tucked into glassy barrels of translucent water at Fijian breaks with names like Desperation or Frigates Passage.

A subsidiary of the Fijian Surf Company. Our aim is to diversify surfing within our Islands by directing people to areas beyond the crowds and to open up more options. Fijian Surf has got over 10 years of surfing our Islands and has been to more areas of Fiji than any other surf company. We’re here to “share the stoke” and spread the “bula spirit”.

Fiji Surf Travel recommends Air Pacific as our airline of choice to travel to Fiji.

‘‘Reviving the lost art of Fijian Surfing - Vakavodo Ua’’

      The Fijian Surf Company is an evolution of a local based company that was born in 1995 as the first local surf business named as - Viti Surf. Fijian Surf is the parent company behind a number of operations :

  1. Fiji Surf Shop - a shop that promotes surfing in Fiji by selling surf products, providing surf information, local and international merchandise, board repairs, Surfboard rentals and surf booking agents for accommodations and tours.
  2. Fiji Surf Tours - a Road and Boat Shuttle operation that optimizes a surfers experience of Fiji by providing the best possible surf opportunity under the current daily conditions. Fiji Surf has been to more of Fiji than any other operation and has the most experience in providing reliable information. Live-aboard boat tours was a thing of the past and possibly may come back- check status if your interested! 
  3. Fiji Surf School- is a fully qualified and experienced surf school that is endorsed by Surfing Australia. Fiji Surf runs the only surf school here which boasts a 100% success rate.
  4. Viti Surf Legend ( VSL), Lewa, Fijian Style - these are genuineclothing labels that Fijians can beproud to call their own. Sold at the Fiji SurfShop and other established locations.
  5. Fiji Surf Travel - To provide surf relief to the surfers visiting Fiji. Assisting clients to find appropriate destinations to surf according to their requests, budgets and surfing abilities.
  6. Kai-Wai-an Foundation - a charitable organization that is set up to help the less fortunate people and villages in our society through the generosity of surfers.. Medical, educational and food supplies etc are brought from internal / external sources to support the Foundation. 

The Fijian Surf Company is core based and is established by Fijian surfers that have the vision, commitment and passion to introduce an authentic company into this niche market. Fijian Surf promotes the whole of Fiji as not only a surfing destination but one that has our own roots embedded in surfing history that we are very proud of. We are merely guardians carrying on the lost art of Fijian Surfing - Vakavodo Ua!
Vinaka vaka levu !

Muller wins Rebull Surf Open - 10 April 2011

Ian Muller of Nadi has taken out the 2011 Rebull Surf Open, presented by Red Bull, in close to perfect conditions at Hideaway on the Coral Coast yesterday. A classy display of tube riding impressed judges and spectators and saw Ian’s two wave total of 16.17 out of 20, eclipse a very strong field in the final. Ian took home the new High Definition GoPro video camera for his efforts.

“I’d just like to thank all the organiser’s and sponsors of the event - Red Bull, GoPro, Electric Sunnies, Fiji Surf and of course Fiji Hideaway Resort - for hosting us throughout the day.” Ian said after his victory. “It’s been a great day and we scored some great waves.”

Victor Magginity of Suva, the current Fiji Surf Association ratings leader, ran a close second after being one of the standout performers throughout the day. Victor won an Electric Sunglasses prize pack for second place.

Ratu Aca Ravulo of Cuvu grabbed third place ahead of 2009 Rebull open champion Paul Chong-Sue of Sigatoka in fourth. Both received prize packs donated by Fiji Surf Shop and McDonalds.

Follow the Fiji Surfing Association on Facebook for up to date photos and events!

Fiji Surf Open 2011 - Press Release

The Fijian Surf Gods made sure the 2011 Fiji Surf Open started off with a bang, providing the competitors with clean 4-6ft pumping swell. The competition wave, Namotu Left, is situated just off of Namotu Island whom was a major sponsor in the local surf event. Namotu Left was picked as the preferred wave based on the solid swell on the day with north winds and good tides. Also it was used as the Fiji Surfing Team build up to the Pacific Games coming up in September in New Caledonia and the wave there is similar to Namotu Left.

In the earlier heats the swell was the biggest making it very tough for the competitors to surf their heats. Swell was big and shifty catching a few out that weren't alert causing them to get caught in the serious whitewater washing machine snapping leg ropes and breaking boards which caused mayhem in the water every now and then. Some boards got lost out to sea but fortunately nobody got hurt.

Out of the 30 competitors, there were some international castes that turned up to challenge the locals on their home turf. Surfers came from New Zealand, Australia, USA and as far as Spain. Outstanding surfing came from Isei Tokovou of Viwa Island, Zain Thompson of New Zealand and Ratu Aca Lalabalavu of Cuvu. The Spaniard - Ikinaki fought long and hard with consistently good form that rewarded him a place in the final. Melanesian Cup Champ - Isei was doing the most amazing back hand attack with vertical snaps / critical re-entries and air drops which he sacrificed by breaking a board to the Surf Gods on one of his onslaughts - this gallant effort earned Isei the Electric "No Guts No Glory" Prize. Zain started off relatively slow but worked his way up the ranks to prove he has the arsenal to "kick some butt" in the event. Ratu Aca ,Pacific Games member, started the comp with a serious hunger for waves but as the swell started to die towards the afternoon so did his hunger, bombing out in the quarters.

The Finals was contested in 3-4ft fun playful waves and it was a tough heat with surfers Matt from San Diego, Ikinaki from Spain and Zain from NZ exchanging great rides. Isei was starved of waves for the first 15 minutes and only had one good 6 point ride. He was patiently waiting for the set waves to roll in and needed another decent wave to keep him in contention of winning. At the end of a long hard fought battle the final results came out like this: 1st - Zain Thompson, 2nd - Isei Tokovou, 3rd - Matt from San Diego and 4th Ikinaki from Spain.

Fiji Surf has seen this event as a way of bringing surfers together from all walks of life, supporting and sharing our love for surfing and giving back to the sport that has given us so much! We are fortunate to have our waves open, thanks to the Bainimarama Govt, therefore we need to take the initiative to develop our Fijian Surfers by getting them to compete in good waves and have us gather regularly to appreciate what we have. As a timely positive result of last weeks surf competition, Fiji Surf has teamed up with Namotu to set up a western combined Boardriders Club. Duavata(United) Boardriders Club is based on the fact that we have minimal surfers in the west and through the boardriders club we can combine them to form a formidable force, this way it can keep us strong, motivated and united. To promote a more competitive environment, good sportsmanship, healthy rivalry within clubs an East/West Trophy has resurfaced that will be competed over regularly after each event to see who keeps it in their area.

Big Vinaka vaka Levu to the sponsors that believe in Fijian Surfing and for the greater betterment of Fiji and its people: Fiji Surf, Namotu Island, Fiji Surfing Association, Red Bull, Electric Sunglasses, Demar Extreme, Waterman Fiji, Fijian Surf, Viti Surf Legend. Also to those officials and judges that sacrificed their day to make sure this competition was a success!

Craig McElrath Longboard Classic - Namotu Island

A morning of rain and wind morphed into a beautiful sunny day for the culmination of the Craig McElrath Longboard Classic at Namotu Island off Nadi on Sunday 11th December for the last event in the calendar of the Fiji Surfing Association. Competitors and spectators were hosted in fine style on the island by NAMOTU Island owner Scotty O'Conner. Special thanks to Adrenalin; the McElrath family and McDonalds Restaurants (in conjunction with Hellfish Surfboards) for the amazing trophy.

Events were run in four divisions - Juniors, Womens, Mens and the blue ribbon event - the Longboard division for the inaugural Craig McElrath Longboard Classic.

Notable was the ascension of Antonios Malycha from Suva to take the Junior title from favourite Kalani Muller. This was Antonio's first event win.

Luke Bridge from Australia was too strong for Fiji Pacific Games squad member - Aca Raculo in the Mens shortboard event.

Ian Muller, Fiji squad member, was hard to beat in the main event. Ian was the hardest working competitor in the final, building the highest wave count, relentless in pursuit of the title, and deservedly taking the inaugural Craig McElrath Longboard Classic title from Paul Chongsue and Stuart Johnson.

A paddle out memorial was held for keen surfer and past Secretary of the Fiji Surfing Association - Craig McElrath, just prior to the finals for the Mens and Longboard event's. A fitting tribute to a surfer gone but not forgotten by the Fijian surfing family.


1st - Ian Muller (Nadi)
2nd - Paul Chongsue (Sigatoka)
3rd - Stuart Johnson (Nadi)

1st - Luke Bridge (Waidroka)
2nd - Aca Raculo (Nadi)
3rd - Dave Leed (Nadi)
4th - Paul Chongsue (Sigatoka)

1st - Malia Johnson (Nadi)
2nd - Kaye Lepper-Wind (Nadi)
3rd - Talei Lovell (Suva)
4th - Ella Carling (Suva)

1st - Antonios Malycha (Suva)
2nd - Kalani Muller (Nadi)
3rd - Robert Smith Junior (Suva)
4th - George Malgaard (Suva)


Fresh from a first ever representation at the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships in NZ - the 2010 Fiji Surfing Association season commenced in style on Saturday morning with the "FIJI SURF OPEN" held in challenging 1m waves at the Sigatoka river mouth.

Twenty seven OPEN competitors battled it out through three rounds, with the highest scoring two surfers in each 20 minute heat advancing to the next round. The surfers were judged on speed, style, innovation and control with the most radical manoeuvrers in the most critical part of the wave scoring the highest points. Waves were marked out of 10 with the surfers highest two wave scores combining to form that surfers heat total.

In warm light winds under dazzling blue skies the surfing was of a very
high quality despite the difficult waves. The ocean never developed a
consistent rhythm and though at times the sea provided surfers a
smorgasbord of waves to choice from, in other heats they had to hunt scarce waves down, paddling in determination against the current to somehow find a wave which offered scoring potential. What makes competitive surfing apart from most other sports is the added dimension of having to read nature, understand currents, bottom contours, and the way a given lump of swell will break in a particular way. Add to this fitness, training, form and natural ability - and one can come close to understanding what competitive surfing is all about.

Conditions deteriorated by the final, but it was a closely fought contest all the same with all six finalists determined to be number one. By the final hooter it was Mark of Waidroka who came out on top and took home the winners cheque of $300 with his super smooth style, superior wave selection and precision carves. Mark consistently posted the highest wave scores throughout the entire event and was a most deserving winner. Mark also won himself a new pair of Electric Sunglasses for the most radical moves of the day. 

Frankie King of Kulukulu , took home a new lost surfboard courtesy of the Fijian Surf Foundation/ Air Pacific / Fast Friends Foundation for being the most improved competitor at the event.

Thanks go out to all in support of the Fiji Surf Open and to sponsors Fiji Surf, Red Bull, Waterman, Electric Visual, McDonalds, Xoolu and Magnum Productions.


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